The 5 Senses in Cooking?

cooked_quicheThe smell of the aroma that enters the room, invigorates the nostrils to embrace the thought of a warm cooked meal.  What does a warm cooked meal mean to you?  What does it consist of?  What would make it magical?


In this blog and the ones to follow, I will discuss how cooking can build the soul, reach the heart and embody the emotions of those you love.  Also, I will discuss how the one who cooks can make cooking an enjoyable process for themselves and the family.


What is cooking to you?  Is it a daily chore that requires resistant effort and groans.  Or is it an anticipated activity that you look forward to.  Cooking can have it’s enjoyment, when attempted with simplicity and ease.  If you’re not a “chef,”  then be a cook in the making.  Taking enjoyment in the tastes, the smells and the sounds of your food chemically becoming a work of digestible art, can make your cooking experience more enjoyable.


There are many meals that you can make based on your time and ability.
These meals can be ones that you can still enjoy and savor.  If you are a novice or have a busy schedule, then keep your meals simple, colorful and tasty.  You can do a lot with very little.  Becoming familiar with what Continue reading The 5 Senses in Cooking?

Landscaping and Lawn Service for Outdoor Living

Being a cook of your own home, it’s necessary to have a cook’s kitchen. The layout and accessibility to areas of the kitchen is important for stress free cooking. Having an outdoor kitchen is just as important as an indoor kitchen. Outdoor entertaining includes cooking, playing, and pure enjoyment. Just as much as you would hire a contractor to professionally install your indoor kitchen, you would want an outdoor landscape professional such as to use their expertise and giving you the best outdoor cooking and entertaining space and landscape that you’ll love.

A landscaper that has the knowledge, experience and love for outdoor living will be proved in the verbal creativity they display in designing your landscape. They will give you a vision of all the placements of entertaining spaces that you can include in your yard, along with placement of plants and trees your herbs or vegetables and your fruit, all needed free cooks enjoyment of their outdoor pace.

The outdoor landscape should be conducive to what inspires you. The layout of your landscape should Continue reading Landscaping and Lawn Service for Outdoor Living

House Sitting

The kitchen is shutting down and the dishes are put away.  You are heading on vacation for some rest and relaxation.  The anticipation has ran high in planning for this long awaited getaway.  One stress was deciding how your precious home will stay safe and ready for your return and new meal recipes.  Deciding on a good and reliable house sitting company is key in easing that stress.  Having a house sitter watch your home while you are on vacation has its many benefits.  Make sure the company is reliable and professional.  If you have furry friends, it is imperative that a house sitting company is willing to take care these important creatures as if they were your own.


Vacation for the homemakers and chefs in the home is important.  The mental break of rest and rejuvenation will allow creativity and motivation in the kitchen upon returning home.  While away though, Continue reading House Sitting

Making a Great Salad

produce_marketA mixture of greens and other vegetables does not appeal to all.  To bear the brunt of needing to eat their vegetables, some douse their salads with dressings.  Those who savor the flavor of vegetables, arrange their pieces so elegantly on their plate, as if it was a piece of artwork.  How can one make their salad more appealing to consume?  In this blog I will discuss how to make a salad appetizing and appealing to any eye, so that you not only can enjoy the flavor but also gain the health benefits as well.


Make a bowl full of greens appealing does not need to take a lot of work.  Deciding on your base for your salad is where your creativity begins.  If you are keeping to the basics and using the tried and true Romaine Lettuce, then you can use just about anything on your salad.  Here are some Continue reading Making a Great Salad

The Making of a Good Soup

cabbagesWe all love a good soup.  A hearty meal in a bowl is at times what our body needs.  Some of us though at times would like to be able to make a pot of soup that taste like what our mother used to make or what we just had at the restaurant.  So this blog I am going to provide you with some information of standard ingredients for a good soup and a recipe that you can use.


Standard Ingredients:


A soup should always have a base of ingredients that you start out with.  Either these ingredients can start the broth or they can be the start of the flavor of your soup.  You can start with what cooks call the Continue reading The Making of a Good Soup

Wine more….

Wine 1The moment my husband introduced me to wine, I was hesitant.  I didn’t understand the fascination with this ruby red colored substance that had such distinct flavors and smells.  But after experiencing my first cabernet sauvignon I have been hooked to the wine world since.  My version of the world of vino is more of my understanding of the making of it, the history of the taste and the proper enjoyment of it.


Whether it is the ruby red color or the golden white, the flavors are unique in each bottle.  I enjoy my reds with my main meal of red meats or hearty stews.  I like my whites with sweet fruits or the light fish dishes that catch my eye.  I’ve learned by part trial and error and through study that certain wines should be served with certain meals.  The food can enhance the wine and vice versa.  So in this blog I will discuss Continue reading Wine more….


basilWhen creating a masterpiece of a meal, there is more to add than salt and pepper. Though these to ingredients can add the right amount of flavor to a meal,  adding other spices can enhance the flavors and bring out the characters of the food you are presenting to your taste buds.  Using the right spices with the right measurements would be just the added touch to your meal.


So lets talk spices.  There are go to spices, ones good for pretty much every type of meal.  You have your salt and pepper, which should normally be added before or after a meal is cooked.  Yet you have spices such as, cumin and paprika.  These two spices can be mild yet add an overall body of flavor to a meal. Adding these to fish such as tilapia or chicken can make a simple meal, delightful.


Other spices that could be your go to, could be garlic and onion.  Even if cooked in their raw form, they are still consider a spice.  For me, I can never have to much garlic. Yet for the sake of my husband and those around me, I make great efforts to keep to a 2 -3 clove minimum.  Onion though, Continue reading Spices